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Kanz al-Hikayat: al-Bitriq al-Haiyab - كنز الحكايات - البطريق الهياب
By: Mutlaq, Dr. Abir ألبير مطلق

Language: Arabic


البطريق الهياب: البطريق الصغير فريد يخاف من أشياء كثيرة، عواصف ثلجية، أصوات عالية، الظلام ... لكن عندما لا يعود صديقه البطريق الصغير المغامر من مشواره، ينطلق فريد في مغامرة جسورة للبحث عنه. هل يدرك فريد مدى شجاعته التي أظهرتها مغامرته تلك؟

«Treasure Tales: The Not-So-Brave Penguin», a Storytime Picture Book for the child, here in Arabic. The little penguin is scared of many things - snowstorms, loud noises, the dark - but when his adventurous friend does not return from his journey, the little penguin plucks up the courage goes on a daring excursion to find him. After an intrepid journey, the little penguin finds her friend injured in a dark cave, and rescues him and brings him home. Does the little penguin realize how brave his adventure was? A heartwarming story about friendship, being brave, and overcoming fears when it really matters, this picture book is sure to delight and entertain.

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Product Details
By:Mutlaq, Dr. Abir ألبير مطلق
Pages: 24 pp
Publisher:Librairie du-Lubnan - Butterfly Books, Beirut, 2022 Arabic Edition
Dimensions:22 x 27 cm
Topic:Children's Arabic Picture Storybook - Ages 6-9 Yrs

Kanz al-Hikayat: al-Bitriq al-Haiyab - كنز الحكايات - البطريق الهياب

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