Kharaj al-Bayt خارج البيت
By: Ismaili, Dania / Ill: Sawlim, MuhammadShare

Language: Arabic


يُقَرِّرُ الأبُ الهِجْرَةَ إلى بِلادٍ أُخْرى، ما يُسَبِّبُ إرْباكًا لَدى زَوْجَتِهِ وأبْنائِهِ وبَناتِه، فَيَحْتَجّونَ ويَبكون… ويَتْرُكونَ وَراءَهُم ذِكْرَياتٍ وأقارِبَ وجيرانًا!

'Outside the House', a children's story in Arabic. The father decides to emigrate to other countries, causing his wife, sons, and daughters to be confused, and to protest and cry...about leaving behind their friends and their relatives!

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Product Details
By:Ismaili, Dania / Ill: Sawlim, Muhammad
Pages: 16 pp
Publisher:Asala Publishing, Beirut, 2019
Dimensions:13 x 19 cm
Topic:Children's Arabic Story - Emigration - Family - Ages 8-11
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