Mila al-Qitah al-Jamilah ميلا القطة الجميلة
By: Abd, Dina دينا العبد / Qatinah, Walid وليد قطينةShare

Language: Arabic


«ميلا» قِطَّةٌ جَميلَةٌ، أُحِبُّها وتُحِبُّني. كُنْتُ سَعيدَةً جِدًّا عِنْدَما جاءَتْ «ميلا» مَعَنا إلى البَيْت. كُنّا جَميعًا سُعَداء؟ أمْ ماذا

'Mila the Beautiful Cat', a humorous children's story in Arabic. Mila is a beautiful cat who I love so much. I was very happy when Mila came to live with us. Was everyone happy? Or what?

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Product Details
By:Abd, Dina دينا العبد / Qatinah, Walid وليد قطينة
Pages: 28 pp
Publisher:Asala, 2019
Dimensions:23 x 23 cm
Topic:Children's Picture Storybook - Cats - Birthdays - Ages 5-8
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