Mu'in al-Hukkam ( 2 vol) معين الحكام
By: Tarabulusi, Ali ibn Khalil (d. ca. 844/1440) علي بن خليل ‏طرابلسيShare

Language: Arabic


معين الحكام : فيما يتردد بين الخصمين من الأحكام Mu'in al-Hukkam: fi-ma yataraddadu bayna al-khasmayn min al-ahkam علاء الدين علي بن خليل الطرابلسي (ت 844 هـ)؛ تحقيق عثمان بن جمعة ضميرية. Ala' al-Din Abu al-Hasan Ali bin Khalil al-Tarabulusi (d. ca 844/1440)

In 2 volumes, 'The Judges' Assistant for Issues Raised by Adversaries at Law.' ''(The judges’ assistant for issues raised by adversaries at law) is a handbook of Islamic law procedure. It was written in the 15th century by ‘Ali ibn Khalil al-Tarabulsi, also known as ‘Ala’ al-Din ibn al-Hasan ‘Ali ibn Khalil al-Tarabulsi (or al-Tarabulusi), a Hanafi jurist in Jerusalem. After introducing his book with references to the singular importance of sharia (Islamic law) in the Qur’an and among the prophets, al-Tarabulsi proceeds to explain that he wrote in order to elucidate the principles underlying his profession. In general, he notes, most law books are mere abridgments of cases and judgments. In contrast, he seeks to explain al-ghawamidh (the obscure principles) of al-fann (his art). In addition to pursuing these lofty claims, he covers everyday matters, such as the jurisdiction of judges, their status, and compensation for their various services. He cites many legal decisions, often with no theoretical discussion.'' (

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Product Details
By:Tarabulusi, Ali ibn Khalil (d. ca. 844/1440) علي بن خليل ‏طرابلسي
Pages: 1215 pp, 2 vol
Publisher:Dar Al Qalam, Damascus 2018
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm
Topic:Early Work - Usul Fiqh - Judicial Process - Hanifi
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