Bidayat al-Mujtahid V1 بداية المجتهد

By: Ibn Rushd al-Qurtubi (Averroës, 520/1126-595/1198) ابن رشد ( 595 / Ed. Zahim, Dr. Abd Allah

Language: Arabic


First part of Ibn Rushd's famous classic work, 'Bidayat al Mujtahid : V1. (Distinguished Jurist's Primer Volume 1,). In this he covers Purification & Prayer. This excellent edition from Dar ibn Jawzi provides extensive explanation and definitions of terminology within the references. Ibn Rushd was a judge of the Maliki school but he objectively presented views of all five great schools.

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Product Details
Pages: 830 pp
Publisher:Dar Ibn Jawzi, Damman, Saudi Arabia, 1438 H
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm
Topic:Early Work - Islamic jurisprudence - Maliki and Five Madhhab
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