Rawd al-Murbi' Sharh Zad al-Mustaqni (Bk 3, 2 vol Bassam) الروض المربع : شرح زاد المستقنع

By: Bahuti, Mansur Ibn Yunus (d. ca. 1050/1641) منصور بن يونس بهوتى / Bassam, Muhammad

Language: Arabic


الكتاب الثالث من مجموع مؤلفات و تحقيقات فضيلة الشيخ محمد بن سليمان آل بسام وفيه كتاب "الروض المربع : شرح زاد المستقنع" وقد نسخه الشيخ ووضع حاشيته.

Book 3 of Eleven volume complete collection of the Sheikh al-Bassam's works covering subjects in Creed, Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh and other issues. The set contains his own original works as well as his explanations and editing of earlier works. Book 3 includes 2 volumes in which he comments on "Rawd al-Murbi' Sharh Zad al-Mustaqni ", the famous Islamic law work of the great Egyptian Hanbali Shaykh, Mansur Ibn Yunus al-Bahuti (d. ca. 1050/1641), edited by Muhammed Mirabi. (SOLD SEPARATELY) Editing/Commentary of Muhammad bin Sulayman bin Abd al-Aziz al-Bassam (1916-2010 CE) (1334 AH-1431 AH).

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Product Details
Pages: 894 pp in 2 volumes
Publisher:Dar Ibn Hazm, Beirut 2018
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm
Topic:Early Work - Islamic Law - Hanbali
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