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Naqarat al-Zibah نقرات الظباء
By: Tahawy (Tahawi), Miral (1968-) ميرال الطحاوي

Language: Arabic


يفتح مشهد «نقرات الظباء» على صورة العائلة التذكارية، وتنساب الذكريات حاملة عبق زمن قديم، وتنسال الصور صورة اثر صورة، وتتالى من ثم أحداث وشخصيات رسمتها الروائية بدقة وحذر لتحاكي بوصفها الواقع. ذاك الواقع الذي أترعته الكاتبة بخيالات لطيفة جميلة يَنْشَدّ إليها القارئ متابعاً تذكارات الراوية إلى الحرف الأخير بشغف وبنهم لمعرفة الكثير عن عادات وتقاليد قبائل الحويطات وهوارة وجهينة، وليدور أكثر مع دوامات رمال صحراء بعيدة، لها في الخيال مطارح وفي النفس ألف سؤال وسؤال

«Gazelle Tracks», a novel in the Arabic language by Egyptian writer of short stories and novels, Miral Tahawy (Tahawi) (b. 1968). The novel opens to flowing memories of Bedouins in ancient time, then follows the Bedouin events and characters.

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Product Details
By:Tahawy (Tahawi), Miral (1968-) ميرال الطحاوي
Pages: 120 pp
Publisher:Dar al-Adab, 2003
Dimensions:13 x 19 cm
Topic:Arabic Fiction - Egypt

More Information

Miral al-Tahawy (Arabic: ميرال الطحاوي) is an Egyptian writer of short stories and novels.

Until she left for Cairo at the age of 26, al-Tahawy had never left her village (Geziret Saoud in the eastern Nile delta) without a male relative or guardian. She managed to avoid marriage by working as a teacher, and then by leaving without permission to study at the University of Cairo.
Born in 1968 into the Bedouin al-Hanadi tribe, she credits her liberal-minded father with the fact that both she and her older sister (who is a pharmacist) obtained an education, although they lived in traditional seclusion.
Her experience of coming to the city for the first time and gaining her freedom inspired her to write. In 1995, she published a collection of short stories Riem al-barai al-mostahila (The Exceptional Steppe Antelope) based on childhood memories and her grandmother’s stories.

Three novels followed: Al-Khibaa (The Tent, 1996), Al-Badhingana al-zarqa (The Blue Aubergine) and Naquarat al-Zibae (The Gazelle's Tracks), the first two of which have been translated into English by the American University in Cairo Press. (Goodreads)

Naqarat al-Zibah  نقرات الظباء

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