Sir Ummi al-Saghir سر أمي الصغير

By: Iz al-Din, Amima / Ill: Abu Ghanima, Nabil


Language: Arabic


كانَتْ تَقِفُ طَويلًا تَتَأمَّلُ البَيْتَ مِنَ الخارِج، تُرَكِّزُ بَصَرَها عَلى النَّوافِذِ العُلْوِيَّةِ والشُّرُفاتِ أيْضًا. وعَلى الرَّغْمِ مِنْ عُمْرِها المُتَقَدِّم، إلّا أنَّها كانَتْ تُصِرُّ عَلى مُعايَنَةِ البَيْتِ نَهارًا، بِخاصَّةً عِنْدَما تَشْتَدُّ دَرَجاتُ الحَرارَة. وحينَما أسْألُها تَرُدُّ قائِلَةً: «قَريبًا سَتَعْرِفُ كُلَّ شَيْءٍ

'The Secret of My Little Mother', a story in Arabic for children. She stood for a long time outside the house, looking at the top windows and balconies, in the day even when it was hot. When I ask why, she replies 'Soon you will know everything'.

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Product Details
Language: Arabic
Format: Softcover
Pages: 16 pp
Publisher: Asala Publishing, Beirut, 2018
Product Dimensions: 20 x 28 cm
ISBN-13: 9789953951034
Topic: Children's Arabic Picture Story Book - Kindness to Animals - Ages 6-9
  Sale Price: US$6.37
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