Syria and the New World Order

By: Quilliam, Neil
Syria and the New World Order
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Language: English

The advent of the New World Order has challenged Syria's role in the Middle East.

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Language: English
Format: Hardcover | 292 pp
Publisher: Garnet Publishing Ltd, UK, 1999
Size: 15.5 x 23.5 cm
Topic: Political History
Traditionally viewed as a pariah state and a Soviet satellite, Syria's future looked uncertain as the balance of world power moved out of Soviet into US control, causing the withdrawal of Soviet support and threatening Syria's quest for regional hegemony. Syria, however, has been able to adapt to the transformation in the world order.

Dr Quilliam maintains that Syrian foreign policy has been determined by both domestic politics and international political realities. He begins by defining Syria in terms of its domestic conditions: its geography (both physical and political), natural resources, history, population and economy. He then discusses the governing system of the country, detailing the different political parties and how the system actually functions in Syria.

Moving to the international political system, the author then expands upon the regional balance of power and Syria's relations with its neighbours. Following a rational and pragmatic policy, the Syrian state was compelled to realign itself with the US-led world order, in a renewed attempt to pursue regional hegemony. It was able to do this by joining the US-led coalition forces in the liberation of Kuwait in 1990/91 and was rewarded with a place in the postwar regional order and a central role in the Madrid Peace Conference.

Syria and the New World Order is a clear and comprehensive account of Syria's adjustment to the realities of the day.

Dr Neil Quilliam is Series Editor of the Durham Middle East Papers (published by the Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, University of Durham) and Lecturer in Middle East Politics at the University of Durham. He is currently researching at the university in Jeddah as Prince of Wales and King Faisal Scholar. His previous publications include A Directory of European Specialists on the Middle East (Eurames, 1993).

  Sale Price: US$27.00

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