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Revival of Piety Through An Islamic Theodicy
By: Zeni, Tallal M.

Language: English


The problem of evil has confounded many who have pondered upon it and hindered many from attaining faith. In addition to surveying various Muslim and non-Muslim theodicies, this book proposes a multifaceted, complex and detailed theodicy. This theodicy will reconcile God's allowance of evil in this world with His holiness, wisdom, omnipotence, justice and generosity. It will also elucidate many of the Holy Lord's wise purposes such as manifesting the meanings and consequences of a greater number of His Beautiful Names, as well as bringing forth those whom He loves and favours, i.e. the prophets, the truly faithful, the martyrs and the righteous. In addition, it will become evident that Islam, through the Qur'an and Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad, provides the most coherent theodicy regarding this world and the Hereafter. That said, the objective of this theodicean knowledge is not solely an intellectual pursuit; rather, the greater objective of this book is to provide a practical theodicy. In doing so it will, by God's grace, allow the believers to achieve certainty and piety, and thereafter act righteously. Therefore, the ultimate goals are a revival of piety and a resurgence of righteousness. It is only in this fashion, and by God's providence and grace, that the evil in this world can be reduced and countered.

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Product Details
By:Zeni, Tallal M.
Pages: 557 pp
Publisher:Kindle Direct, US, 2020
Dimensions:6 x 9 inches
Topic:Religious Studies - Islam - Theodicy - Piety

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Part One --
Chapter One: God's Providence for Humankind --
Chapter Two: God's Beautiful Names and His Infallibility from any Evil --
Chapter Three: The Wisdom of God's Creation and Commandments --
Chapter Four: The Greatness of the Prophets --
Chapter Five: The Greatness of Muḥammad: The Seal of the Prophets --
Chapter Six: The Excellence of Abū Bakr, ʻUmar, ʻUthmān and ʻAlī --
Chapter Seven: Piety --
Part Two --
Chapter Eight: Muslim Approaches to the Problems of Evil and Hellfire --
Chapter Nine: Non-Muslim Approaches to the Problems of Evil and Hellfire --
Chapter Ten: The Wisdom in Allowing Suffering --
Chapter Eleven: An Exposition on Evil --
Chapter Twelve: The Wisdom in Allowing Evil --
Chapter Thirteen: Hypocrisy --
Part Three --
Chapter Fourteen: Hellfire --
Chapter Fifteen: Paradise --

About the Author
Tallal M. Zeni has previously translated Ibn al-Qayyim’s thoughts on theodicy in «Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya on Divine Wisdom and the Problem of Evil». He is also the translator of «Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya on Knowledge», and most recently «Ibn Taymiyya On Causality and Reliance on God».

Revival of Piety Through An Islamic Theodicy
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