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Bringing Up Children in Islam
By: Mukhtaar, Maulana Habiibullaah (d.1997) / Alwan, Abd Allah (d,1987)

Language: English


Translated to English from Urdu, the abridged edition by the Pakistani Islamic teacher, Maulana Habibullah Mukhtar (d. 1997) of the book originally written in Arabic by the Syrian Islamic scholar Shaykh Abd Allah Alwan ('Ulwan) (1928-1987), 'Tarbiyat al-Awlad fi al-Islam' (Bringing up children in Islam).

Disclaimer: This work is a listing of rules for the Muslim family and society in general, backed by Hadith and Sunnah. It is not a book of advice relating to 21st century raising of children. It also contains a few polemic arguments. Nonetheless it provides interesting references and stories from the Sahabah and the Prophet.

Disclaimer: Rules for family and society, not specifically on raising children as the title suggests.

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By:Mukhtaar, Maulana Habiibullaah (d.1997) / Alwan, Abd Allah (d,1987)
Pages: 432 pp, w/glossary
Publisher:Islamic Book Service, New Delhi, India, 2012 reprint
Dimensions:21.5 x 14.5
Topic:Islamic Rules for Family

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It is established that the common ailments of human societies, personal as well as social, find their remedy in monotheism and justice. Therefore, emphasis on these two moral principles is essential. Muslim children must develop a clear understanding of the concept of the oneness of Allah, mainly through the performance of the devotional acts of worship, to Him, and through developing a sense of justice in all personal and social dealings.

Maulana Habibullah Mukhtaar has succinctly outlined these concepts in this book. Through his deep understanding of Islam, and his eminent conviction and personal adherence to its principles, he introduces this book to the readers, with all practical instructions. Translated to English from the Urdu by Rafiq bin Abd al-Rahman.

Bringing Up Children in Islam

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