Limadha Yajib 'Alaiya 'an Uwaffir fi Istikhdam al-Taqah? لماذا يجب علي أن أوفر في استخدام الطاقة؟.
By: Green, Jen / Ill: Gordon, MikeShare

Language: Arabic


"لماذا يجب علي أن..." جانب مهم من مجالات نمو الطفل وتوسعة إدراكه ومعارفه ينطوي على الاستفسارات والأسئلة التي تعنُّ له والمعلومات التي يتعرفها عن البيئة حواليه.

Why Should I Save Energy? Children take electricity and other energy sources for granted, until one day their community has a power blackout. They come to realize that in lighting homes and keeping houses warm, we are using up natural resources that can't be easily replaced. If we fail to save energy, a time may come when our homes will always be cold and dark.Part of every child's development involves asking questions.

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Product Details
By:Green, Jen / Ill: Gordon, Mike
Pages: 32 pp
Publisher:Librairie du-Lubnan - Butterfly Books, Beirut, 2003
Dimensions:19 x 21 cm
Topic:Children's Arabic Story - Energy Conservation - Ages 5-8
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