Ayn Harab Zilli !! أين هرب ظلّي

By: Khazaal, Jalil جليل خزعل


Language: Arabic


اختفى ظل الحِمار في يومٍ غائم فأخذ يبحث عنه، سأل الكثير من أصدقائه الذين حاولوا أن يشرحوا له الأمر، ولكنه لم يقتنع بما قالوا و لم يدعهم يكملوا حديثهم. ولكن في آخر الأمر اكتشف أنهم كانوا على حق.

فهل عثر الحمار على ظلِّه؟ وماذا قال لأصدقائه؟

Where did my shadow go! (The Disappearing Shadow), a large size picture storybook in simple poetic Arabic for the emerging reader. The donkey’s shadow disappeared on a cloudy day, he searched far and wide for it. Then asked his friends who tried to explain the situation, but he did not believe their words. Finally, he discovered that they were right.

Did the donkey find his shadow? And what did he tell his friends?

By Jalil Khazaal, the Iraqi writer and poet specializing in children's literature and culture.

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Product Details

Language: Arabic
Format: Softcover
Pages: 32 pp
Publisher: Hudhud Publishing, Dubai, 2015
Product Dimensions: 21 x 29.5 cm
ISBN-13: 9789948229643
Topic: Children's Arabic Story - Early Learners - Ages 5-8

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