Tarikh al-Muhaddithin li Mudun al-Mashriq wa-al-Sham تأريخ المحدثين لمدن المشرق والشام

By: Buhsali al-Bayruti, Mazin ibn Abd al-Rahman البحصلي البيروتي ، مازن بن عبد الرحمن

Language: Arabic


A history of Hadith scholars in cities of the East and of the Levant (until the invasion of the Tatars in the 7th Century AH), by historian Mazin ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Buhsali al-Bayruti. The work demonstrates aspects of the lives and times of the scholars, and the catastrophe of the Tatar invasion which brought destruction of libraries and schools and extermination of Muslim scholars, causing a great loss.

تأريخ المحدثين لمدن المشرق والشام : حتى اجتياح التتار لها بالقرن السابع الهجري

Taʼrīkh al-muḥaddithīn li-mudun al-Mashriq wa-al-Shām : ḥattá ijtiyāḥ al-Tatār la-hā bi-al-qarn al-sābiʻ al-Hijrī

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Product Details
Pages: 240 pp
Publisher:Dar al-Bashair al-Islamiyah, Beirut, 2007
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm
Topic:History - Hadith Scholars - Tartar Invasion
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