Mughamarat al-Muhaqqiq Bahir #1 مغامرات المحقق باهر

By: Iturbide, Antonio G. / Omist, Alex


Mughamarat al-Muhaqqiq Bahir #1  مغامرات المحقق باهر
Item # 41347
Language: Arabic
سلسلة المحقق باهر ومساعده الصيني - مساعد كفء - هي سلسلة قضايا بوليسية طريفة ممتعة محفزة للخيال يحلها كل مرة المحقق باهر مع مساعده الصيني. ترجمها عن الأسبانية يوسف بوطاروق.

يوجد بمحافظة الشرطة المركزية قسم للحالات الغريبة، حالات شديدة الغموض وشديدة الصعوبة، وفي هذا القسم يعمل المفتش باهر، أحد أكبر المحققين في العالم، وأنت.. هل تجرؤ على العمل كمحقق؟

An episode from the Cases of Inspector Bahir, a series of police cases investigated and solved by Baher and his Chinese assistant, told in an interesting, imagination-motivating style. The Central Police Station has a department dedicated for mysterious and complicated cases. Baher, one of the best detectives in the world, works at this department. Have you ever asked yourself if you dare work as a detective!
Arabic Edition Translated from the Spanish series 'Los casos del Inspector Cito y Chin Mi Edo'.

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Language: Arabic
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 40 pp, color illustrations
Publisher: Edebe, Barcelona / Hakaya, 2015
Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 19.5 cm / 6 x 7.75 inches
ISBN-13: 9786140211858
Topic: Children's Mystery Story - Arabic Reader Ages 9+
From the English Edition: Inspector Cito (diminutive of Inspector because he is very small), the detective who is famous throughout the world for his wit and his love for Spanish omelette, works for the Department of Strange, Mysterious and Super Difficult Cases with the help of Chinese sergeant Wee Chou Fear (playing with the name to sound like “Without fear”).

Inspector Cito starts the day in a bad mood. His boss, Captain Storm, not only has interrupted his breakfast, but has ordered him to teach a trainee from China, Wee Chou Fear. He has arrived in order to learn our Inspector Cito’s techniques of investigation. Cito is angry because it is his breakfast time, and he will have to share his Jabugo’s sandwich, which Wee Chou Fear eats with chopsticks.

The book includes a detective game on the back: boys and girls must find 9 little paper boats hidden all around the book illustrations!

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