Sajaji' al-Mawt wa-Sathakun Lahu A'ynak سيجيء الموت و ستكون له عيناك

By: Haddad, Joumana (1970-) حداد, جمانة


Language: Arabic with English


'Death Will Come and Have Your Eyes'. Collection of poems in various languages by 150 poets who committed suicide in the 20th century. Arabic translation included for poems not originally written in Arabic, with dual text. Original languages include English, French, Spanish, and German.

سيجيء الموت وستكون له عيناك: مائة وخمسون شاعرا انتحروا في القرن العشرين

Sayaǧīʼ al-mawt wa satakūn lahu ʻaynāk : miʼaẗ wa h̲amsūn šāʻiran intaḥarū fī al-qarn al-ʻišrīn

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Product Details
Language: Arabic with English
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 653 pp
Publisher: ASP
Product Dimensions: 17x24 cm
ISBN: 9953741484
ISBN-13: 9789953741482
Topic: 20th Century Poetry - Suicide Victim Writings
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