Suluk al-Ijabi 'inda al-Tifl السلوك الإيجابي عند الطفل
By: Nelsen, JaneShare

Language: Arabic


Translated to Arabic, 'Positive Discipline: The First Three Years: From Infant to Toddler--Laying the Foundation for Raising a Capable, Confident Child', by Jane Nelsen Ed.D. In this book you'll learn how to use kind but firm support to raise a child who is both capable and confident. You'll find practical solutions and solid advice.

Arabic Edition

السلوك الإيجابي عند الطفل : السنوات الثلاث الأولى

al-Sulūk al-ījābī ʻinda al-ṭifl : al-sanawāt al-thalāth al-Ūlá

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By:Nelsen, Jane
Pages: 311 pp
Publisher:Academia, Beirut, ©2008 Arabic Edition
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm
Topic:Parenting - Positive Discipline

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Make a Difference During the Most Important Years of Your Child's Life

The months leading up to the birth of a child are filed with joy, dreams, plans—and a few worries. As a caring parent, you want to start your child out in life on the proper foundation. But where do you go for the answers to such questions as: How do I communicate with an infant who doesn't understand words? How can I effectively teach boundaries to my toddler? Should I ever spank my child?

Over the years, millions of parents just like you have come to trust Jane Nelsen's classic Positive Discipline series. These books offer a commonsense approach to child-rearing that so often is lacking in today's world. In Positive Discipline: The First Three Years, you'll learn how to use kind but firm support to raise a child who is both capable and confident. You'll find practical solutions and solid advice on how to:

  • Encourage independence and exploration while providing appropriate boundaries
  • Use non-punitive methods to instill valuable social skills and positive behavior inside and outside the home
  • Recognize when your child is ready to master the challenges of sleeping, eating, and potty training, and how to avoid the power struggles that often come with those lessons
  • Identify your child's temperament
  • Understand what the latest research in brain development tells us about raising healthy children
  • And much, much more!

Containing real-life examples of challenges other parents and caregivers have faced, Positive Discipline: The First Three Years is the one book that no parent should be without.

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