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Numbers: 26 Picture Puzzles Using the Numbers 1 to 10

Language: Numbers Only

Puzzle Cards

26 Puzzle Cards in a boxed set. Your child begins to recognize numbers by playing with the colorfully illustrated picture puzzles. By matching the images, children develop language usage skills, hand-eye coordination, and memory. By associating the numbers and pictures, children begin to learn counting and simple addition. That's the beauty of interactive learning!

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Product Details
Language:Numbers Only
Format:Puzzle Cards
Pages: 26 Cards
Publisher:Spicebox, Canada, 2009
Dimensions:16 x 17 x 5 cm box; 11 x 16 cm cards
Topic:Children Numbers and Counting Activity

More Information

Encourage your child to match the pieces of each individual picture puzzle. Get them to identify numbers, sound each one out, and talk about each example. Join the two pieces together and count the total number of objects added to create the completed puzzle. Through play and interaction, children learn to talk, listen, red and write. And don't forget to have fun!

Numbers: 26 Picture Puzzles Using the Numbers 1 to 10
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