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Naft Bayna al-Siyasat wa-al-Awham النفط بين السياسات والأوهام
By: Chalabi, Fadhil J. د. فاضل الجلبيShare

Language: Arabic


النفط بين السياسات والأوهام : القصة الحقيقية للأوبك
al-Nafṭ bayna al-siyāsāt wa-al-awhām : al-qiṣṣah al-ḥaqīqīyah lil-Ūbik
Arabic Edition of "Oil policies, oil myths: analysis and memoir of an OPEC insider"

وفي كتابه هذا يحاول المؤلف أن يفصل بين الأسطورة والواقع، فيصف العملية الداخلية لصنع القرار في الأوبك، من وجهة نظر لرجل "من الداخل"
عاش مع واقع الأوبك خلال سنوات حاسمة تاريخياً، إن نظرته إلى الأوبك ولصناعة النفط وللسياسات النفطية تأتي في بحثه هذا متشابكة مع تحليل إقتصادي وتنبؤات وتاريخ وأحداث أجرت وراء الستار، والتي تصنف أحداث رئيسية والناس من ذوي العلاقة، ومن دون إنحياز سياسي أو شخصي.

Oil Policies, Oil Myths : Observations of an OPEC Insider', by Fadhil Jafar Chalabi, the Iraqi economist who was Secretary General of OPEC from 1983 to 1988. Benefiting from the perspective of an insider who understands the inner workings of OPEC and its dramatic impact on world politics and economics, this book is an essential read for those who wish to look beyond the myths of this highly influential and at times controversial organization.

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Product Details
By:Chalabi, Fadhil J. د. فاضل الجلبي
Pages: 348 pp
Publisher:AIRP, Beirut, 2013 Arabic Edition
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm
Topic:Political History - OPEC

More Information

The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, commonly known as OPEC, has been a notoriously opaque and mysterious organization. In this book, Fadhil J. Chalabi, an insider who spent many years at the heart of the organization as Iraq's permanent undersecretary for oil, invites us to discover the intrigue and arguments that have shaped OPEC policy since its inception in 1960. The author interweaves his analysis with first-hand experiences that give authenticity to momentous events, including the infamous 1975 Vienna hostage-taking when Carlos the Jackal kidnapped a number of OPEC ministers, including the author. From the time of Egypt under Nasser, Gaddafi’s Libya, Saddam’s Iraq, and Khomeini’s Iranian revolution, Chalabi uses his unique position and his unparallelled insider knowledge to illuminate an organization that has, at times, been accused of fomenting economic turmoil, political unrest, and even military action.

Naft Bayna al-Siyasat wa-al-Awham  النفط بين السياسات والأوهام
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