Kitab al-I‘tisam كتاب الإعتصام

By: Shatibi, Ibrahim Ibn Musa


Language: English


Kitab al-I'tisam written by Abou Ishaq Ibrahim Ibn Musa Al-Shatibi (D.790 H.) and translated Mohammed Mahdi Al-Sharif

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Product Details
Language: English
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 640 pp
Publisher: DKI, 2012
Product Dimensions: 24 x 17 cm
ISBN-13: 9782745173744
Topic: Islamic Creed & General Topics

Al-i'tisam is one of the earliest -if not the first- book to be compiled about Bid'a. Imam al-Shatibi's strict analysis and complete adherence to the verification of all sciences makes him one of the unique individuals capable of determining what is Bid'a in the Islamic science. Although there is similar work written by Imam Ibn Abi Shama, -the teacher of Imam Nawawi- non the less this book by al-Shatibi stands out as the most referenced book in this regard. The Imam adheres to his Maliki school of Law, which is famous for being strict in what is Bid'a and what is Mashru' or legislative source.
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