Qaswah wa-al-Samt القسوة والصمت

By: Makiya, Kanan


Language: Arabic


Cruelty and Silence: War, Tyranny, Uprising, and the Arab World'. The Iraqi dissident Kanan Makiya brought the attention of the world to the brutality of Saddam Hussein's regime in his powerful 1989 bestseller Republic of Fear. Now, writing for the first time under his own name, Makiya confronts the broad realities of tyranny in the Middle East and the moral failure of Arab and pro-Arab intellectuals to repudiate it.

القسوة والصمت؛ الحرب والطغيان والانتفاضة في العالم العربي

Qaswah wa-al-Samt, al-Harb wa-al-Tughyan wa-al-Intifāḍah fī al-'Alam al-'Arabi

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Product Details
Language: Arabic
Format: Softcover
Pages: 359 pp
Publisher: Manshurat al-Jamal
Product Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
Topic: Tyranny - Arab World
  Sale Price: US$14.40
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