Ilm al-Takhatub al-Islami علم التخاطب الاسلامي

By: Ali, Muhammad Muhammad Yunis


Language: Arabic


This book deals with two different pragmatic approaches to textual communication: (i) the mainstream approach followed by the 'Ash'ari s, Hanafi s and Mu'tazili s, (ii) the salafite approach followed mainly by the Hanbali s, defended and elaborated by Ibn Taymiyyah.

عـلـم الـتـخـاطـب الإسـلامـي، دراسـة لـسـانـيـة لـمـنـاهـج عـلـمـاء الأصـول في فـهـم الـنـص

Ilm al-Takhatub al-Islami, Dirasah Lisaniyah li-Manahij 'Ulama' al-Usul fi Fahm al-Nass

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Product Details
Language: Arabic
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 335 pp
Publisher: Dar al-Madar, 2006
Product Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 9959293688
Topic: Islamic - Arabic Language Communication

One of the primary aims of the book is to explore and formulate several Muslim legal theorists' pragmatic theories, communicative principles and linguistic views, construct them in the form of models and set them within a general uniform framework. Another aim is to reveal a corpus of information and data which, though highly relevant to modern pragmatics, is still unknown. This study, which can be seen as an extensive introduction to 'medieval Islamic pragmatics', is the first attempt to examine the approaches followed by the Salafi s or the mainstream from a pragmatic viewpoint.
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