Mughamarah al-Abtal al-Sita غامرة الأبطال الستّة
By: Darwish, Muhammad محمد درويش / Ill: Sukan, Wa'elShare

Language: Arabic


ماذا تَفْعَلونَ إذا غَزا الغُرَباءُ كَوْكَبَ الأرْض؟! هَلْ سَتَقِفونَ مَكْتوفي الأيْدي؟! يُسابِقُ الأبْطالُ السِّتَّةُ الزَّمَنَ مِنْ أجْلِ الحِفاظِ عَلى الكَوْكَبِ الأخْضَر… كَيْفَ اسْتَطاعوا تَحقيقَ ذَلِك؟ تَصَفَّحوا مَعَنا هَذِهِ القِصَّةَ المُشَوِّقَة.

'The Adventures of the Six Heroes', a story in Arabic for youth. What would you do if aliens invaded? Would you stand by? The six heroes took action to preserve the planet, how were they able to achieve that? Read and find out.

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Product Details
By:Darwish, Muhammad محمد درويش / Ill: Sukan, Wa'el
Pages: 56 pp
Publisher:Asala Publishing, Beirut, 2019
Dimensions:13 x 19 cm
Topic:Arabic Story for Youth - Mystery - Pre-teen
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