Learning to Think تطبيق التفكير الشامل؛

By: Gerald M. Nosich (Prentice Hall)
Learning to Think  تطبيق التفكير الشامل؛
Item # 7235
Language: Arabic

Learning to Think Things Through: A Guide to Critical Thinking in the Curriculum', by Gerald M. Nosich (Prentice Hall), here translated to the Arabic language.

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Language: Arabic
Format: Softcover | 307 pp
Publisher: Arab Scientific Publishers, Beirut, 2004
Size: 14 x 21 cm
Topic: Critical Thinking
Since the mid 1980s, Gerald Nosich has been committed to teaching critical thinking across the curriculum and throughout the disciplines. He believes that, in the final analysis, the only way for students to master content in any course, is to think their way through it. And the only way to effectively control their own lives and choices is by learning to think more critically about them.

Built on Richard Paul's model of critical thinking, Learning to Think Things Through was written to help students engage in critical thinking within the discipline or subject matter they are studying. In addition, students will better appreciate the power of the discipline they are studying, see it's connections to other fields and to their day-to-day lives, maintain an overview of the field so they can see the parts in terms of the whole, and become active learners, rather than passive recipients of information. Learning to Think Things Through is ideal for instructors addressing the critical thinking component in composition courses, sciences, humanities, the professions-in any field.


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