A'lami al-Muzalim Yudi' عالمي المظلم يضيء

By: Harithi, A'ishah / Ill: Bilal, Rama


Language: Arabic


«‬بَيان‮» ‬طِفْلَةٌ‭ ‬جَميلَةٌ‭ ‬وسَعيدَةٌ‭ ‬وهِيَ‭ ‬مُخْتِلَفَةٌ‭ ‬أيْضًا‭…‬ ‮«‬بَيان‮»‬‭ ‬لَمْ‭ ‬تَكُنْ‭ ‬تَرى‭! ‬كَيْفَ‭ ‬اسْتَطاعَتْ‭ ‬أنْ‭ ‬تَجْعَلَ‭ ‬عالَمَها‭ ‬المُظْلِمَ‭ ‬يُضيء؟

My Dark World Shines', a story in Arabic for primary school ages. A story on friendship, and those with special needs. A beautiful and happy girl is also could she make her dark world shine?..

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Product Details
Language: Arabic
Format: Softcover
Pages: 24 pp
Publisher: Asala, 2018
Product Dimensions: 20 x 28 cm
ISBN-13: 9789953951065
Topic: Children's Arabic Picture Story Book - Special Needs - Friendship - Ages 6-9
  Sale Price: US$6.37
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