Fityan wa-al-Fatayat: al-Jamal al-Jamil الجمل الجميل

By: Abdullah, Hassan / Ill: Muhammad Ali, Intilaq


Language: Arabic


يحكي‮ ‬هذا الكتاب قصة الجمل،‮ ‬الذي‮ ‬عانى رفض الآخرين له،‮ ‬بسبب عدم رغبته في القيام بالأعمال العادية،‮ ‬إلاّ‮ ‬أنّه لم‮ ‬يُحبط إذ يُحقّق إنجازاً‮ ‬خاصاً‮ ‬به،‮ ‬يناسب طموحه ويعيد لنفسه الثقة‮.‬

This book tells the story of a camel who suffered the rejection of others because of his unwillingness to do normal work - but he accomplishes a special achievement that suits his talents and restores his confidence. The books in this series contain meaningful stories for youth to help develop an interest in reading and further advance reading skills.

Silsilat: al-Qasasiyat lil-Fityan wa-al-Fatayat سلسلة : القصصية للفتيان والفتيات

Series: Stories for Boys and Girls

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Product Details
Language: Arabic
Format: Softcover
Pages: 16 pp
Publisher: Hadaek Group, Beirut, 2003
Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 20.5 cm
ISBN: 9953447969
Topic: Juvenile Fiction - Arabic Stories - Pre-Teen Ages 9+
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