Lughaz al-Qamari al-Muhayaru لغز لقمر المحير
By: Byrne, RichardShare

Language: Arabic


مأمون هو حيوان الراكون الذي يظن أنه يعرف كل شيء وإن لـم يكن يعرف إجابة السؤال، ليست لديه مشكلة فيمكنه أن يؤلف إجابة. هل الدُّبَّان هما السبب الحقيقي وراء اختفاء القمر؟ هذا هو اللُّغز الكبير في غابة الصنوبر.

Translated to Arabic, 'The Great Moon Confusion'. In the pine forest, there's a perplexing puzzle. The Moon is getting smaller every day and Rabbit wants to know why. She asks her friend the raccoon. Although he doesn't have the answer to her question, raccoon decides the issue needs a 'proper investigation'. And, because he's a bit of a know-it-all, over the course of the next few days, he dreams up a far-fetched explanation for the shrinking moon that points the finger of blame at two bumbling bears. In fact the bears turn out to be rather smart and it's thanks to them that the other animals learn their first fun lesson in astronomy.

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Product Details
By:Byrne, Richard
Pages: 26 pp
Publisher:Thaqafa Publishing, UAE, 2015 (Oxford University Press)
Dimensions:23 x 27 cm
Topic:Children's Arabic Picture Storybook - Moon Phases - Ages 5-9
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