Madha Taqul Ki Tahsal ala Ma Turid ماذا تقول كي تحصل على ما تريد

By: Deep, Samuel D. & Sussman, Lyle
Madha Taqul Ki Tahsal ala Ma Turid  ماذا تقول كي تحصل على ما تريد
Item # 60835
Language: Arabic
ماذا تقول كي تحصل على ما تريد : كلمات نفاذة تقولها لـ44 شخصا رؤساء في العمل، زملاء، موظفين، زبائن يتحدون فيك الصبر وقوة الاحتمال / سام ديب، لايل سوسمان ؛ تعريب ليلى النابلسي.

Translation to Arabic, 'What to Say to Get what You Want: Strong Words for 44 Challenging Types of Bosses, Employees, Coworkers, and Customers' by Samuel D. Deep and Lyle Sussman. Is your boss a "Perfectionist,” demanding flawless results? Do you have "Can-Do” employees who can’t deliver? Does a "Drain” siphon away your time? You can win cooperation from these people before they block your productivity. 'What to Say to Get What You Want' provides the right words to motivate, convince, or soothe almost any personality.
Arabic Edition, translated by Layla al-Nabulsi

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Language: Arabic
Format: Hardcover | 359 pp
Publisher: Obeikan Publishers, Riyadh 2003
Size: 14.5 x 21.5 CM
ISBN: 9960402738
Topic: Interpersonal Communications

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