Nafidhati al-Ula (med): Ma Huwa Sakli? ? ما هو شكلي؟
By: Muhaydali, Nabihah نبيهة محيدليShare

Language: Arabic


يُحدّث هذا الكتاب الطفل عن الأشكال الهندسية،‮ ‬من خلال مقارنتها مع المشاهد المألوفة لديه،‮ لتكون فرصة للتعلّم عليها من خلال ما هو محيط بالطفل..‬

What Do I Look Like? This book introduces the child to the world of geometric shapes by comparing the shape to familiar objects and scenes. From My First Window Series - these small books introduce the child to things in their world and in the outside world. Text is in short sentences written with vocalized Arabic and with colorful illustrations - read to the very young and also great for the emerging reader.

Silsilat Nafidhati al-Ula سلسلة نافذتي الأولى
My First Window Series

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Product Details
By:Muhaydali, Nabihah نبيهة محيدلي
Pages: 16 pp
Publisher:Hadaek Group, Beirut, 2018
Dimensions:15 x 15 cm
Topic:Children's Picture Storybook, Age 2+ - Shapes

Nafidhati al-Ula (med): Ma Huwa Sakli? ? ما هو شكلي؟

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