Firas wa-al-Dabbur فراس والدبور
By: Farhat, Fatima فاطمة فرحات / Ill: Shams al-Din, Ali علي شمس الدينShare

Language: Arabic


'بَدَأَ طلال بِالسُّخرِيةِ مِنّي قائلاً: كَيفَ حالُكَ يا صاحِبَ الشَّعرِ الإِسفَنجِيِّ؟ مِنَ المُؤَكّدِ أَنَّ أُمَّكَ تَستَعينُ بِشَـعرِكَ في جَليِ الصُّحونِ. واقتَرَبَ مِنّي لِيَدفَعَني فَلَم أَهرُب'.

'Firas and the Hornet', a story in Arabic for youth. This is on the subject of bullying, and includes a guide. 'Talal started mocking me, saying: How are you, owner of sponge hair Your mother is sure to use your hair to wash dishes. And he approached me to chase me, and I did not flee.' This is part of my story with bullying.

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Product Details
By:Farhat, Fatima فاطمة فرحات / Ill: Shams al-Din, Ali علي شمس الدين
Pages: 28 pp
Publisher:Hadaek Group, Beirut,2018
Dimensions:16.5 x 23.5 cm
Topic:Arabic Fiction - Bullying - Preteen+
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