Hikayat al-Bahijah : al-Adnab al-Sa'id al-Nattat الأرنب السعيد النطاط

By: MacMillan, Sue


Language: Arabic

Board Book

السلسلة: الحكايات البهيجة Silsilat: al-Hikayat al-Bahijah

"Cheery Chasers: Happy, Hoppy Bunny', an interactive board book with a short story translated to Arabic. Bright illustrations, cheery characters, and lively text will make this little board book a favorite. Children will especially love the interactive surprise--the main character, featured on the cover, springs into action when the special tab is pulled! Happy Bunny is full of the joys of spring. Soon everyone else wants to hop and dance, too! When children pull the special tab on the cover, Bunny really hops!

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Product Details
Language: Arabic
Format: Board Book
Pages: 10 pp
Publisher: Librairie du-Lubnan - Butterfly Books, Beirut, 2015
Product Dimensions: 16 x 16 cm
ISBN-13: 9786144224502
Topic: Children's Board Book - Interactive - Ages 2-4 Preschool
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