Learn Arabic for Foreigners: 5 Cd's + 5 books + Learning Pen
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Language: English-Arabic

Hardcover + CDs

A complete guide to learn Arabic, with 5 Books, 5 CDs and a Learning pen. This series contains 5 various educational Cd’s that include a group of lessons considered a complete educational workshop for teaching Arabic for foreigners. It trains the user on the following four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. These need grammar to be acquired which are available in this program.Therefore, there would be a study to every part of the language skills along with grammar, words and expressions in the form of complete units.

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Product Details
Format:Hardcover + CDs
Pages: 5 Books + 5 CDs + Learning Pen
Publisher:Digital Future, Riyadh, KSA
Dimensions:30 x 30 x 7 cm Box / 15 x 21 each book
ISBN-13:9786144086926 set
Topic:Learn Arabic for Foreigners

More Information

Box Contents:
• 5 Hardcover Books with 5 Accompanying CDs
• Rechargeable Learning Pen
• USB Cable
• Ear Pods
• EU Charge Plug for USB (Can use any plug for USB charging)

The Program’s Content:
• The alphabetical words in an educational pronunciation (transliteration).
• How to write the letters.
• The basic words.
• The important dialogues and expressions.
• Texts, reading, spelling rules and handwriting.
• Dictionary. Arabic/English

The Program’s Characteristics:
• An easy method that facilitates the Arabic language acquisition.
• Linking the words with pictures.
• Recorded texts in two human sounds (Arabic and English).
• An expert that explains the correct pronunciation along with recording all of the meanings in the English language.
• Recording the words with video along with the visual explanation.
• A group of various exercises.
• A detailed explanation to the grammar and spelling rules.
• The print ability.

Learn Arabic for Foreigners: 5 Cd's + 5 books + Learning Pen

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