Li-Kulli Harufin Qissah (7 books) لكل حرف قصة

By: Iyfa Kuzma إيفا كوزما


Language: Arabic


  1. أ ب ت ث
  2. ج ح خ
  3. د ذ ر ز
  4. س ش ص ض
  5. ط ظ ع غ
  6. ف ق ك ل
  7. م ن و ي

'Each Character Has A Story', a set of 7 books from the reading ladder (L2) series (Sallam al-Qira'a). This set is for after the child knows the alphabet, it begins to focus on specific letters within words using short words and simple sentences. Big bright illustrations increase interest and understanding.

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Product Details
Language: Arabic
Format: Softcover
Pages: 36 pp Each Book, Set of 7 Books in Box
Publisher: Academia International, Beirut, 2017
Product Dimensions: 22 x 22 each book
ISBN-13: 9789953372631
Topic: Teach Arabic to Child 3-6

    ISBN by Book:
  • 9789953376462
  • 9789953376738
  • 9789953377360
  • 9789953377377
  • 9789953378787
  • 9789953378541
  • 9789953378527
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