Mawsu'at al-Tafasir (5 vol) موسوعة التفاسير

By: Ibn Kathir / Shawkani / Andalusi / Ashqar / Sabuni


Language: Arabic


Including five of the Major Tafasir. In this unique carrying case collection: Tafsir Ibn Kathir, al-Muharrar al-Wajiz (Andalusi), Fath al-Qadir (Shawkani), Zubdat Tafasir (Ashqar), and Safwat al Tafasir (Sabuni). The commentaries are complete editions made available in one large volume each. Normal Value 195.00

A Great Value for these Arabic Editions of Five Major Tafasir.

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Product Details
Language: Arabic
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 5 volume set
Publisher: Dar Ibn Hazm, Asriyya, Nafaes , Kitab Arabi
Product Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm each book
Topic: Islam - Tafsir - Quran Commentary
  Sale Price: US$149.00
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