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Legacy of Peace : A Journey of Learning and Discovery : Islam and its relationship with Christianity and Judaism'. For the first time in history this 'Legacy of Peace' video documentary, uniquely explores the true nature of Islam and unfolds many of its inner-dimensions. It dispels many myths and brushes off the ignorance towards this faith.

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Pages: 2 hours
Publisher:Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, California, 2008
Dimensions:14 x 19 cm
Topic:Documentary - Nature of Islam

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Listen to the experts from the world’s three major religions with chronological Time-lines, CGI Animated Maps and Graphics, Footage featuring scenes from around the world and Original works of art, explain:
  • Islam’s peaceful concepts and principles as the events of the rise of Islam unfold in the early 600 AD.
  • With rationality and wisdom, how Prophet Muhammad established peace and uprooted violence.
  • The grounds behind the marriages of Prophet Muhammad.

Observe the many scientific contributions of early Muslims that were the catalyst of the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe. Find out how true faith, rationality and love can bring people together and create a more conducive environment for all.

Featuring topics such as:

  1. Islamic law: protection of the human soul; the rationale behind the severity of penalty.
  2. Interpretation of the verses of the Qur’an.
  3. Islam embraces values common to all people.
  4. Islam reforms the status of women and
  5. The Crusaders fascination by the morality and chivalry of Saladin.

Guest Speakers: Robert Schuller, PhD, Sheik Salah Koftaru, PhD, John Esposito, PhD, Paul Tunkle, PhD, Muzamil Siddiqi, PhD, Rabbi Reuven Firestone, PhD, Dr. Hassan Hathout, Rabbi Ira Book, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Ingrid Mattson, PhD, Imam Basher Arafat, PhD, Kasem Khaleel, PhD, Amir Husain, PhD, Afaf Morsot, PhD, Moustafa al-Qazwini, PhD, Nancy Lydick PhD and Sharon Kugler.

What is perceived as a distant learning is now accessible to every one; the two- hour documentary is made into four parts; easy for classroom teaching, policy makers, public and private sectors, and for all people with all backgrounds. The four parts are further made into chapters which make it easy for researchers and specific interests.

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