Confessions of an Arab American

By: Shubash, John S.
Confessions of an Arab American
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Language: English

By Palestinian-American John Shubash, a unique prospective into Middle-Eastern politics and America's fateful role in that region.

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Language: English
Format: Softcover | 340 pp
Publisher: First Edition November 2007
Size: 14 x 21 cm
Topic: Current Affairs / History
"Mr. Shubash's knowledge of both western and Middle-Eastern political systems is both, intimate and impressive. His bi-cultural up-bringing, his passion, his perceptive analysis and his pointed recommendations are tremendously important in guiding our Foreign Policy decisions in region." - Professor Mark Gibney-University of North Caroline/Asheville.

This sobering and provocative work could have only been produced by someone with the background and depth of political experience, a man like Mr. Shubash possesses. A Palestinian by birth, a Jordanian Bedouin by dissent and an American by upbringing, Mr. Shubash offers a unique prospective into Middle-Eastern politics and America's fateful role in that region. His political commentary is timely and critical, and his analyses is provocative and challenging; indeed, his deep understanding of that region, combined with his knowledge of the west, is both impressive and convincing. His gravest concern however, is not as much for Palestine, his occupied native land, as it is for America's perilous future in the Middle-East and around the globe. His easy going-style of writing and the eloquence of his presentation have been tremendously helpful in removing the many walls of secrecy that have traditionally shrouded the politics of that region in deep mystery. Additionally, this book was daring and perceptive enough to honestly and truly address a substantial number of relevant and unanswered questions on our citizen's mind; without hype, falsehoods, misinformation or propaganda interests.

This is a must read book, particularly to those among us who long for unbiased reporting and that rare gem, in today's world, we call the "truth".

  Sale Price: US$11.97

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